5 days before our release!

Hey y’all!!We are just 5 days before our release!! Very excitend moments now for us. We have our promo material and even CD’s with the new song: “Far Away”
As we speak the first promo packages went out to the USA and some here in Holland.
The release will be worldwide at the same time on almost all distributors like: I-tunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, Jango, etc, etc.
Please request our music at your local radio station and spread the word!Thanks a lot and stay tuned!!   

2 thoughts on “5 days before our release!

  1. Exciting indeed! Or, as you put it, excitend! Always finding new ways to express yourself, when you’re bubbling over with enthusiasm and joy. The birth of yet another song is going to be celebrated.

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