30 years of….

Being creative is what I like to do most. And sometimes things really seem to work out the way you want. Learning to play the guitar at the age of 12 and started with songwriting around 16 or 17. It was always hard for me to write original tunes with not only the melody, but also the lyrics. Never was a productive songwriter and only able to write like 2 songs in a year. As I am getting older I think my lyrics are getting a little more mature and more true to myself. In the beginning I think I was trying to be like, sound like and do like people, musicians and songs you admire, but over the years I think I don’t fit in that anymore. My music is original and is really me. Lyrics always have a true story inside, which means that it is something from my personal life or from people around me. Having said that, at this moment I think I have over a dozen new songs in which I really believe. It looks like it is easier for me to write nowadays and I think all melodies are strong and catchy As I look back over the past 30 years I can say I still like some stuff I wrote back in the 90’s, songs like: First train, Hot shot, Wasted time, but also Let the good times rock, Out with the girls and Lady of the night. The last 3 were played live but never been released. Even the songs like One more try I still like, although recording at that time was a huge learning process, which it still is though!With the vision of today I would have done things differently, but I am still standing 100% behind the songwriting. The last 3 years I have released a song each year, and I am really proud to announce that this will happen again this year. It is really awesome to be able to work with Joeri de Jong, Emily Nelson and Michael Rinne again! And this year I am really excited to have Inge Rijnja to join us in my studio to complete this song.Most important of this all, be creative, stay true to yourself, be nice and have a lot of fun!!