Inge Rijnja

Last night we had the privilege to work with the incredible Inge Rijnja. Inge is a Dutch singer well known from the Rock opera “Jack the ripper” by Magoria as well as lead singer for FeMMetale and Saphira.

Delay and release!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have to postpone the release of our new song. Meanwhile we are in the writing process of 2 new songs. Both close to finish and ready for recording. So what we are doing now is releasing another song first. Maybe it has to be this way, this song… Continue reading Delay and release!

30 years of….

Being creative is what I like to do most. And sometimes things really seem to work out the way you want. Learning to play the guitar at the age of 12 and started with songwriting around 16 or 17. It was always hard for me to write original tunes with not only the melody, but… Continue reading 30 years of….

Exciting news!

We are thrilled to have Inge Rijnja on our new single with the release later this year!! Inge is well known as singer for the rock opera JTR1888 as well as lead singer for FeMMetale, Saphire and Mari Idle.

Small update!

Just a small update of the musicians section on the website. first recordings for this year’s release will start soon. It is just a matter of getting into the right vibe and find the right time! We are excited though to announce that Joeri de Jong will be taking care of the drum parts. Emily… Continue reading Small update!

Keep your eyes open:)

Finished recording the demo’s for the new song! This means that we start with the pre production as soon as possible. We’ll be recording on several places again this time and can’t wait to start! We don’t have a release date at the moment, but for sure it will be in 2019:) Stay tuned and… Continue reading Keep your eyes open:)