Release date!

The waiting is over, well at the moment for some of us! Our new song is releasing as we speak and went online in 12 countries so far. Depending on your time zone, it will be online soon! We just uploaded the artwork for this new song in the “Media” section. There are some CD… Continue reading Release date!

Less then 7 weeks…

Less then 7 weeks before the release of our new song “Picture frame” Partners in crime!:

Release date February 24th 2020

The word is out! Our new single “Picture frame” will be released on February 24th. A true story with things coming together on this date. More details will follow soon, so stay tuned! This time with Emily Nelson, Inge Rijnja and Rob van der Hurk!!

Inge Rijnja

Last night we had the privilege to work with the incredible Inge Rijnja. Inge is a Dutch singer well known from the Rock opera “Jack the ripper” by Magoria as well as lead singer for FeMMetale and Saphira.