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Official artist account on YouTube!

We have an official artist account now on YouTube as well! For 2022 we will add a new video over there as well!

Official artist account

We have official artist accounts now at Amazon and Apple Music! Join us, like, share and listen:)

Mane Attraction on Amazon Music

‎Mane Attraction on Apple Music

This month on collegeundergroundradio

For the upcoming 4 weeks we are on their playlist with out song “Picture Frame”


  • 1:30am EST and 3:00am EST
  • 8:30am EST and 10:00am EST
  • 6:00pm EST and 7:30pm EST

College Underground Radio station website: www.collegeundergroundradio.com

Tunein: http://tunein.com/radio/College-Underground-Radio-s134910/

ITunes Radio: https://music.apple.com/us/station/college-underground-radio/ra.1461063904

Listen Live: https://streamer.radio.co/sbc698b4e9/listen

Streema: http://streema.com/radios/play/45969

Radio.net: http://collegeunderground.radio.net

Fragile on NH Nieuws!

The video for “Fragile” was shown on a Dutch televison network last thursday! 🙂


And before we knew, it is February 2021! Pretty weird times at the moment and sometimes tough to find the right spirit for creating new music. Anyway this is also the time of year to get your stuff together and reboost the creative process of writing and recording. For this moment we are working on 3 songs and we are trying to release 1 or 2 this year. The first song needs to have some guitar work and a lot of vocals, so we’ll start with that. For another song we try to team up with some very talented musician and hope to reveal some details soon.

Anyway, stay safe, look out for eachother and try to have some fun:)


New video out now!!

We have a new video out for an older song! There was one thing missing on our website, so we added a video gallery!

The first video available now is “Fragile”, for this we worked together with Daniela Danisbel Loreto Mare, Ian Schaafsma, Joeri Verkerk and Emma Johnson.

We hope you like it and ofcourse share it:)

More to come!!